The trattoria’s story began 500 years ago and is closely connected with the adjacent church of Sant’Antonio Abate. In the beginning, the monks opened an inn where they sold their wine and other good products. Francesco Del Fabbro took over the activity in the mid-19th century and changed his family’s destiny. Their mission was to provide only the best food and wine. The trattoria was later run by Giovanni and then Attilio, and the latter’s wife, Giuditta, headed the kitchen until chef Giorgio arrived some 30 years ago. In 1970, Elio gave the trattoria its present layout. Today, his daughters Simona and Silvia run the business.

The trattoria’s name also evolved over time.
When Francesco Del Fabbro moved to the houses of Leonacco Basso which were locally called “the Groparie”, he became known as chel de Groparie (the one from the Groppaie). Then, as always happens, people started shortening his nickname, which became chel dal Grop and, ultimately, simply Al Grop (grop means “knot” in the language of Friuli).

Francesco was not only a clever businessman, but also a talented painter. Two of his frescoes can still be seen: the trattoria’s logo, held by a hand, is in the entrance area, while a jovial little cherub is above the door to the toilets.